roller coaster
As I look back at the week, I realized something. What an emotional rollercoaster life is!
The past several weeks several famous people passed away and that make us all sad. There is a connection we have to people like David Bowie and Glenn Fry. We love the music that became what I like to call the soundtrack to our lives.
David Bowie was an innovator in pop music, he not only worked outside the box, and he destroyed the box. His glam rock, his disco inspired songs to his great movie roles.
Two thoughts on David. I loved his hit “Fame” but my biggest memory of “Fame” doesn’t have anything to do with David, but it does bring back a Donny Osmond memory. WHAT!!! Yes Donny Osmond. Donny performed “Fame” on TV once and I was watching it with a girl as we were getting ready to go on a date. She loved Donny and was really excited about his song. Me on the other hand was wanting to find a hard blunt object and destroy her set. Not that Donny can’t sing, but that song was not a good choice for his “STYLE”. It was really bad.
Thought number two. One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Peace on Earth –Little Drummer Boy” by David Bowie and Bing Crosby. It still makes me pause and marvel at it when I hear it.
Here is a great tribute to David from the Space Station


The passing of Glen Frey of the Eagles is hard to take. I mean The Eagles, who didn’t have the great “Best Of” Album? I had it on LP, Tape, and CD. The Eagles helped form the Soft Rock. Country Rock era. But one of my favorite Glen Frey songs is a solo effort. “THE ONE YOU LOVE”.


Here are some clips of some fun we had this week. Powerball, Success, Forget something, Jeopardy, Movie prices, Drug bust in Idaho, and Stupid Crooks!

Here we are in 2016, I hope you all have a great year. Just remember, life is a rollercoaster and this week proves it. Thanks for listening

Dave Denton
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