Although David Cassidy publicly admitted that he -- like his late mother before him -- was battling dementia, a new documentary features Cassidy admitting that was not the case. In the upcoming A&E doc, David Cassidy: The Last Session, which will airs on June 11th, Cassidy calls one of the film's producers to explain that he had been hospitalized for falling, and admits that he's battling liver disease not dementia -- and that he had not stopped drinking in 2014. Cassidy died of organ failure last November 21st at the age of 67.

In a clip from A&E doc, David Cassidy: The Last Session, Cassidy leaves a phone message to one of the project's producers revealing that he does not suffer from dementia, like his mother, actress Evelyn Ward, did: "There is no sign of me having dementia at this stage of my life. It was complete alcohol poisoning. And the fact is, I lied about my drinking. The head doctor at the hospital, she said, 'I believe that you're dementia was directly related to your alcoholism."

  • According to the press release for the two-hour special, "A film crew sets out to document David Cassidy's publicly revealed struggle with dementia and follows him into the studio for a new album dedicated to his late entertainer father, Jack Cassidy. Over the course of production, David's health deteriorates dramatically. Interspersed with scenes from what will become, tragically and unexpectedly, his final session in the studio is the definitive tale of his explosive rise to fame, his conflicted relationship with his father and his own celebrity and the amazing legacy he left behind as revealed through exclusive, never-before-heard audio tapes from 1976, rare footage and stills and personal anecdotes he shares in the studio."
  • The doc features interviews with Alice Cooper, Kim Carnes, Cassidy's Partridge Family cast mates Danny Bonaduce and Brian Forster, publicist Elliot Mintz, former Tiger Beat magazine editor Ann Moses, best friend Sam Hyman, and Cassidy's neuropsychologist Dr. Barbara Peavey, among others.