In David Crosby's second installment of Rolling Stone's “Ask Croz” advice column, the '60s legend spoke frankly on several subjects — open marriage, feeling useful in old age, and children's vaccinations. Crosby answered a question asked by a women who is so worried by her sister's anti-vaccination stance that she's tempted to take her children to be secretly vaccinated behind her back.

Crosby answered: “This is serious business. The anti-vaxxers are wrong. They are absolutely wrong. Their information is incorrect and vaccinating people does not cause autism. Period. Autism is an entirely different thing. Read Steve Silberman’s book (NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism And The Future Of Neurodiversity) and you will understand autism a lot better. People who are selling the anti-vaxxer nonsense are the same people who think the earth is flat. They are just ignorant and wrong. And the problem comes in when you’re inflicting this on someone else. You’re saying your kid can’t have the medicine, but you are pushing your ignorance and stupidity on your kid and that can hurt them very, very badly.”

He went on to write: “But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is you can cause a whole bunch of other people to get sick. That is an irresponsibility I can hardly countenance at all. I can’t. There isn’t any way I can find any forgiveness in my heart for people that do that. It is utterly stupid. All of the evidence contradicts it and you’re doing great harm. People trying to tell you it’s not are selling you a load of crap.”

David Crosby told us that these days he doesn't enter into any aspect of his life — personally or professionally — without a great deal of soul searching: “I look at myself a lot, I made an awful amount of mistakes in my life, and I've done harm. And I've had to look at myself. I had a year in a prison cell to look at myself. A lot of time to think. So, I do think about what I do and why and what it means and if it's significant, or not.”