As a teaser for his new “Ask Croz” advice column, which debuted in Rolling Stone this month, the magazine uploaded a video of David Crosby answering a few fans questions. The questions included a 16-year-old girl who is obsessed with her mortality, a man who cheated on his wife with her sister, and a woman who's contemplating leaving her Trump-supporting husband.

Crosby took a personal interest in a man who wrote asking advice for his brother who's incarcerated, yet not “cut out” for prison life. Crosby responded: “Nobody is made for life in the inside (laughs). Trust me; I've been there. Tell him to mind his own business. A lotta people in there tryin' to pick a fight because they really have nothing else to do. Of course it changed my life — that's how I kicked drugs. The worst possible way to kick drugs is in prison. They don't give you an aspirin. They look at you and they go, 'Hey rock star! How'd ya feel now?!' 'Wasn't any fun at all.”