David Crosby is hard at work on his latest solo album, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2020. "Croz" is currently hard at work on the set with his son and Sky Trails bandmate, keyboardist James Raymond, and told Uncut, "My son James and I are about halfway through the new record. We're working almost every day. I sent him words last night, he sent me music today. That's how it's going, James is on fire right now, absolutely blazing. 'I Think I,' and 'Secret Dancer' are pretty much done. There's another called 'Boxes,' plus 'River Rise,' and 'The Red Shirt's Good For Crying.'"

Crosby, whose last album, Here If You Listen was released in October 2018, told Uncut: "We write about the inner workings of your head. We do it all the time -- we write about falling in love and what it's like to be alive in the world today. Even sometimes politics. All of us write in the Sky Trails band, it's a different kind of chemistry. CSN and CSNY did some very good work. But we did it as competition with each other. These bands I'm in now -- the Lighthouse Band and Sky Trails -- are different. They're co-operative bands, everybody's trying to accomplish the same thing. We're not trying to show off and beat each other at the microphone. . . It produces a different kind of music that I really love. Beautiful sophisticated music."

We asked David Crosby if he too looks at this late-stage wealth of great material and positive activity as a gift: "It does feel like that, yeah. There's a pretty wide range -- that has to do with two things; one, I'm in two bands. I've got two bands -- one of them's acoustic, the other one's electric. That gives me a wide spread that way. And also, I write with other people. I don't understand people that don't. I guess they want all the (laughs) publishing for themselves, or something. But, for me, writing with other people really works. The other person seems to have something you didn't. Always."