David Crosby admits that his advancing age has spurred him into a creative overdrive. “Croz,” recently wrapped a string of dates in support of his latest album, If You Listen, which is co-billed to his collaborators, vocalist/instrumentalists Michael League, Becca Stevens, and Michelle Willis. During a chat with MusicRadar, who spoke about getting such a strong second wind this late in the game, admitting, “I know! It doesn’t make any sense at all, man. I don’t know why it is like it is, but I figure this: if it’s going to be this good — and it’s really good, right now. I’m singing really well — I should just work the hell out of it and run it until the wheels come off. So that’s what I’m doing!”

Crosby, who turned 77 this past August spoke about how the aging process has effected his outlook: “Most people. . . don’t want to think about the fact that dying is part of life. I. . . I’m at the end of my life, so I have to look at it. At least to the degree where I say, 'Well, I have a limited amount of time. How am I going to spend it?' What you’ve got to do is figure out what really matters to you and do that — and only that — and do that to the best of your ability, as much as you can, in the time that you have.”

Crosby, a father of six, went on to offer fans some advice, explaining, “I’d say look for real value in things. There are things that look pretty good on the surface but they really have no substantive value. Look for the value in family. Look for the value in music. In real, actual music. Don’t look for value in fame, because there isn’t any. Don’t look for money, stardom, glory, all of that bull***. Look for love in your family and love in your music.”

David Crosby told us that being a singer-songwriter has allowed him a unique connection to the human race. He told us about the best part of doing what he does: “People come up to me and say, 'Jeez, I don't wanna disturb you, but we conceived our first child to that song, and it means so much to me'. . . 'The reason I bought a sailboat is because 'Wooden Ships' transported me'. . . 'I don't wanna bug you, but, y'know, if I didn't have that first Crosby, Stills, & Nash record to listen to when I was in the 'Nam — I wouldn't have made it back. It kept my spirits up. Times when nothing else did.' Well (laughs), you gotta live on that stuff, man. That really makes you feel like you have a purpose. There are times when it comes back to you the most astoundingly rewarding ways. And that's probably it, when you know you've touched somebody's life. Or expressed something that really meant something to them.”