David Crosby would reunite with his estranged partners in Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young to help the democratic candidate in the 2020 election. Jambase.com posted that Crosby spoke about his relationship with Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young on his new limited series podcast, Freak Flag Flying with author Steve Silberman.

Crosby explained "If Neil (Young) calls me up and says 'listen, we've got to do some gigs. . . now that Elizabeth Warren is our candidate we've got to do some gigs for her in battleground states, what do you think?' I'd say 'what time does the bus leave?' I'd work it out, I don't care if (Graham) Nash likes me or not. The purpose would exceed all of that."

Crosby went on to say, "I don't think it's going to happen. The thing to do is be grateful for what there was. There was a period of time there when we really did make some very good music together and I'm grateful for it. I think everybody has to deal with their life as it comes to them and if those guys are stuck where they are, they're stuck where they are. I'm trying real hard not to be."

Crosby and Silberman -- a dedicated lifelong Deadhead -- got on the subject of Crosby's old friend and frequent collaborator, Jerry Garcia, with "Croz" explaining, "The thing about Jerry, which you know, is that there was serious magic there. Garcia was a consummate musician. He worshiped music. He ate it for breakfast. He rubbed it in his hair. He f***ed it. It f***ed him. He loved it with his whole entire being."

Crosby went on to say that he's thrilled that Dead & Company are still out on the road delighting fans: "It's fun to see the story continue to evolve and each time that they keep going on, you think ‘oh well, that was it!' and then it's not yet. They go for another healthy chemistry of its own and it makes a new it. I love that!"

David Crosby told us that big business has all but ruined the political process by showering politicians with money. Crosby told us that money has -- for now -- almost entirely polluted the U.S. Congress and portions of the U.S. Senate: "What we're up against is money. Greed. The United States is a 'corporatocracy' at this point. It may not be at some point in the future, but right now, our congress has been bought. You can buy a congressman for the price of a good car. You can buy a senator for the price of two or three. The corporations can buy our congress, for what to them, is pocket money."

To listen to Freak Flag Flying - Episode 1: Set A Course And Go, log on to: http://bit.ly/35udj1t