So what’s in a name?  If you’re Sean P. Diddy Puffy Love Brother Love Combs it means you can change it to fit your mood.  Combs made headline by saying he wanted to be called Love or Brother Love from now on.   That didn’t sit well with Pro Wrestling fans like me so I had some fun yesterday and then I come to work today and Sean say’ he was only kidding.   More on that listen here:

This blog post is named David Louis Buford Earl AKA: The Radio Guy, Dr of Rock Denton.   I too have an identity crisis.  Those are the names I have been called for years.

David Louis Denton is my real name.  Louis was my father’s name.

Buford: is a nickname I picked up at Ricks College after a friend also named David found out I was from Tn.   He was a fan of a series of movies called “WALKING TALL”   Not the one with the Rock, but the ones in the 70’s which were based on a true story of Sherriff Buford Pusser.  The story was from a county near Memphis where I grew up and I was a big Redneck so he started calling me Buford.  A nickname that a lot of people still call me.  Yep my wife calls me Buford too.

Earl:  My sister Edwina always called me David Earl what a Pearl, why?  Because she is my sister Edwina and we both have twisted humor in our DNA.

The Radio Guy:  that name comes from my radio job in Montgomery city MO.   I was getting ready to broadcast a high school basketball game in Herman Mo. And the cheerleaders were doing a fund raiser and wanted my money.  They couldn’t remember my name and yelled out “HEY RADIO GUY” I talked about on my radio show and people started calling me The Radio Guy

Dr of Rock:  that is a name the guys here at the Cache Valley media group game me when they asked me to do a show on 95.9 KLZX.  Why the Dr of Rock, because I am a wiz at Rock and roll Trivia.  One of the guys who no longer works here said you are like a Dr of Rock.  And the Dr. was born.

Recently a new friend asked me what name I prefer and I honestly said.  I answer to them all so pick one.

That’s my name:


Here is stupid news from this morning;    A Kegger and A NFL feud heats up.  Listen here


Laff lines is George Carling about the difference between baseball and football.   Listen here