I have not always enjoyed Halloween.  I grew up when idiots were messing with candy and spiking apples with needles. That ruined what can be a fun little holiday.

So today have fun and bundle up it is going to be cold!

 It’s time for the annual Forbes.com list of the 13 top-earning DEAD celebrities.  Here’s this year’s spooky Top 13 . . . along with their estimated earnings over the past 12 months:

  1. Michael Jackson, $60 million.  Dead since 2009.  His total is down  from $400 million last year, because 2018 included the $287 million his estate made from the sale of his stake in EMI Music Publishing to Sony.
  2. Elvis Presley, $39 million.  Dead since 1977 . . . or so some people would have you believe.  (???)
  3. “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz, $38 million.  Dead since 2000.
  4. Arnold Palmer, $30 million.  Dead since 2016.
  5. Bob Marley, $20 million.  Dead since 1981.
  6. Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, $19 million.  Dead since 1991.
  7. John Lennon, $14 million.  Dead since 1980.
  8. Marilyn Monroe, $13 million.  Dead since 1962.
  9. Prince, $12 million.  Dead since 2016.
  10. Nipsey Hussle, $11 million.  He died just this past March.
  11. XXXTentacion, $10 million.  He died in June of last year.
  12. Whitney Houston, $9.5 million.  Dead since 2012.
  13. George Harrison, $9 million.  Dead since 2001.


There are so many surveys, studies, random facts, and stories floating around out there for Halloween,  here are some things I found

According to a new survey, 18% of people say their plan if they get trick-or-treaters tonight is . . . pretend not to be home.  65% will give the kids candy . . . 6% will give out something other than candy . . . and 3% will answer the door but give the kids NOTHING.  BOO HUMBUG!

Only around one-third of adults are actually going to wear a costume today or tonight.

The best and worst things to give out on Halloween.  The best:  Any full-sized candy bar and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The worst:  Broken glow sticks or candy from a restaurant’s free candy dish.

The candy company Mars has the term “fun size” trademarked.  And they’ve even sued other companies for using it to describe their smaller-sized Halloween candies.

Do you like haunted houses?  48% of people say yes . . . 28% say no . . . and the rest aren’t sure or have never been to one.

Finally, good news if you’re scrambling to get out of work early today and/or worried about how you’re going to feel going into work tomorrow morning:  Next year, Halloween is on a SATURDAY.


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