Dennis DeYoung is recording his final studio album and has tapped none other than Julian Lennon to duet with him on a new original track. The still-untitled album will mark the former-Styx leader's seventh studio set -- and first since 2007's One Hundred Years From Now.

Last night (October 30th), DeYoung posted a message to fans on his Facebook page, which reads in part:

Last night Julian Lennon and I recorded the final song for my new album at Mission Sound in New York. Mission accomplished.

If you Google "a dream come true" this photo appears. That's Jules taking a selfie of us on his phone. I'm sure you have many questions so here's the story.

When I first heard Jules sing "To Late For Goodbyes" in 1984 I was captivated by both the song and his voice. Remember that song was out the very same time as "Desert Moon" so I went out and bought his album Valotte. Great stuff and I especially liked the tune "Valotte" a lot. ("Valotte" a lot). Sorry couldn't help myself. Jules, as he asked me to call him is and has always been a great singer songwriter and I have long been an admirer from a distance.

On this my final album I decided to write songs about my journey from humble beginnings in my basement on Chicago's far south side to the very top my chosen profession. How the hell did that happen? Don't ask me but I know it began with two momentous occasions, one accidentally hearing John and Chuck (Panozzo) playing in their living on a hot summer day and two, seeing the Beatles on TV. If you know me, you know of my love for the Beatles and their effect on my life and millions of other musicians. But you would be hard pressed to find actual traces of the Beatles in Styx songs. I left all Beatles musical references out of Styx arrangements. However on this album I created my ultimate musical and lyrical tribute to the lads from Liverpool on one song.

There's a fine line between homage and blatant rip off and I pray I haven't crossed it. It's a duet and I thought about finding someone to sing it with me and in a dream state I thought of Julian.

We stood in the control room last night and sang a few lines together and wham bam thank you Sam it sounded even better then I had imagined. Done deal. I knew he would be great but he elevated the song with his heartfelt performance. Just wait till ya hear it.

To Jules I can only say thanks a million for sharing your talent with me it was a dream come true.

Cheers Dennis

Dennis DeYoung admitted that writing his classic Styx hits was done primarily to inspire himself: "The human experience is not that different. And particularly now, at this point of my life, we all long for that moment in our individual lives where things seemed simpler, innocent and we didn't have the responsibilities and the burden of actually growing up and being an adult. And I was saying that to an audience when I was probably in my early-30's, and generally speaking, the audience was probably between the ages of 15 and 20. Remember; I was writing those songs for myself so many times to remind myself what I should be thinking. How I should be feeling. I was trying to buoy my own spirits."

Dennis DeYoung performs on Friday (November 1st) in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Blumenthal PAC at the Knight Theatre.