When I woke up this morning, I was not a happy camper.  To be honest I was depressed.

Yesterday was not a good day.  As I was doing my show, I became very ill!  A stomach issue that meant staying is a certain room and sitting on a certain seat.  I was sick!  No fever, no chills, just sick.   I think stress and pain got to me.

So, when I get up this morning and the internet is down, and because I am working from home, I depend on the internet to do my radio show.

I got so down and depressed that I almost went to bed.  I wanted to go on the radio and scream and rant about every issue and stupid things in the news!!!!!!!n Then it hit me.  My depression was involved in so many things I could not control.  So, I decided to control my mood and be me.

Honestly it helped, preparing for things to help us get through the day, serious and not so serious.  That is what is helping me.

I admit that I am still a little depressed.  I am sure you are to, we have plenty to be depressed about.

Where is this heading?  I want to thank you!  When you hear me every morning you are listening to a man who is flawed a man who is moody, but also a man who cares about Cache Valley and cares about you.  Because of that my early depression isn’t so bad.


Smart is not all that Smart!!!

Stupid news