You go out on the town stop at your favorite restaurant to enjoy a great meal and your waiter or waitress says, ‘ would you like dessert today”?

You smile, as the need to belch increases in your stomach and the belt on your pants seems extra tight and say, “I wish I could, but I am so full”.

I always think I should  order dessert  as my appetizer  and since today is National Dessert day I will!   Now should I order Pie Cake, or Ice cream?  Someone should invent a combo dessert and call it “Dave’s Dream”

  What do you like more, cake or pie?

 A recent survey online found 72% of us are cake people.  Pie only ended up with 28% of the vote.  Here are five more questions about baked goods, and how people answered . . .

1.  Cookies or brownies?  It was close, but 52% said cookies.

2.  Chocolate chip cookies or some other kind of cookie?  74% said chocolate chip.

3.  Rice Krispie treats or lemon squares?  Rice Krispie treats got 62% of the vote.

4.  Cupcakes or muffins?  58% prefer cupcakes.

5.  Pumpkin bread or banana bread?  Pumpkin got less than a quarter of the vote.  77% said banana bread.

Woman in pink lipstick biting large chocolate bar