Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith, who plays in the band Sunny Day Real Estate, posted a bizarre statement on Tuesday (December 4th) that seemed to suggest that Foos frontman Dave Grohl has effectively held back the release of an album by the latter band. Goldsmith wrote on Facebook, “Recently by way of objective ears I have been reminded of the fact that the greatest Sunny Day Real Estate record ever made remains silenced, abandoned and buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohl's sock drawer.”

In his post, Goldsmith shared five minutes worth of instrumentals that he alluded are from this “abandoned” album. He wrote, “It honestly feels like someone has taken a part of me as a human being and locked it in a closet . . . this music hasn’t just been taken away from me anymore — now it’s been taken away from my children.”

Goldsmith played with Foo Fighters from 1995 to 1997, but Grohl re-recorded all of his drum parts on 1997’s The Colour And The Shape without telling him — a turn of events that Goldsmith has remained upset about ever since. Meanwhile, Sunny Day bassist Nate Mendel joined the Foos at the same time as Goldsmith but remained in the lineup, becoming its longest serving member after Grohl himself.

When Mendel was reached for comment, he told Pitchfork, “There is no truth to this story.” Goldsmith himself later issued a clarification, saying, “To clarify — there are many ingredients that resulted in the abandonment of LP5. Ingredients that I had to put together myself and find out later on . . . The reference to Dave’s sock drawer meant (the Grohl-owned) Studio 606 which was where it was essentially left.”

Mendel told us a while back about meeting Grohl for the first time: “He'd come to see my old band play and, I don't know, I was intimidated because I didn't know anybody that was successful in music or, I mean, he was just famous in general at that point in time. So I was just scared. Wasn't really super confident in my playing and was excited at the idea of doing the band, but like while we were trying out, it was very — it was kind of nerve-wracking, you know. I mean, he's a very personable, easy guy to be around, but nonetheless, I mean, Nirvana was casting a pretty huge shadow.”

Although Sunny Day Real Estate reunited in 2009 to tour and do some recording, nothing came out of those sessions except a song called “Lipton Witch” that was released as a seven-inch single in 2014. Both Mendel and Sunny Day frontman Jeremy Enigk confirmed in separate interviews that the recording sessions were largely a bust.