After this mornings “Stupid news” I started to think about the times in my life I have done some stupid things and most of those involved sports injuries.

I have always loved sports.  I wasn’t graceful or fast or …. Talented but I did try.  TO HURT MYSELF!

It all started when I was very young when I tried to balance on a basketball.   Sprained my ankle on that one.

In touch football I zigged the other kid zagged my eye socket and his head collided, his head won that fight. Half my face was bruised.

Rolling down a hill in a rain storm to splash into ditch.  Hit an empty beer bottle and put a huge gash in my ankle

At the bowling alley trying to show off I got down like a quarterback behind center to receive the bowling ball as it came back.  Problem was the ball return was covered and I put my hand inside the covered return.   The ball came and KABLAMO  hand stuck in the ball return and yes it hurt then came a 2nd ball ,oh the words that came out of my 5th grade mouth.    Got a badly bruised hand and ego on that one.

Broken bone in my right foot playing “Dodgeball”!

Broke my elbow in the 11th grade trying to learn how to be a Pro Wrestler.  A man I knew was in training and he was showing me some “moves”  I fell wrong and broken bone in the funny bone region.   The Dr gave me the option of surgery or not.  No surgery but to this day it swells up and hurts.

I through my back out playing FOOSBALL.

Another back injury by running into a wall playing Racquetball.   ‘Those walls are hard”

I finally decided I needed to slow down and play safer sports like Badminton.  Then I sprained my knee playing Badminton.

So when I get together with friends and we talk about our Glory Days and the injuries playing sports.  When they talk about a gruesome knee injury or broken nose playing sports like football, basketball or maybe skiing.  I get to tell the story of how I wrecked my back playing Foosball!

Today we found out the cast of Celebrity Big Brother

Stupid news: Don’t drive blindfolded, don’t eat the seat and Snakes in your mouth?

Laff lines: Dads