Admit it you had candy for Breakfast today, well most of us did….. Yes you know I did.

We were prepared for a lot of Trick or Treaters and I even put some of my Star Wars and Super Hero collection out for people to see.  But where were the kids.  We had a few but not near as many as last year.  I would talk to a lot of the Trick or Treaters and comment on the costume they were wearing.  One family had a child dressed as Batman (you know I loved that) and Venom.  I said “Wow it’s Batman and Venom too”.  Then there was a young man who didn’t have a costume on who immediately said “And a Human”.   Made me laugh out loud.  Thanks Human Kid.     Just before we finished for the night there was a whole family of Humans 6 kids no costumes, nothing, nada, nope!  But we had gobs of candy so HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

We have a new voice starting today on KOOL 1039.  Please welcome Aaronee.   She joined me on the air today and told us more about her.  Listen here

Stupid news today: a scary moment on TV, Dead Celebrities and a new world record.   Listen here

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Here is a link for a Photo Gallery of kids in Downtown Logan from