Did I really just say that?

When you work in radio as long as I have you are bound to make a few mistakes.   To quote a famous song.


I guess you could say ‘I DID IT MY WAY” bad joke but I couldn’t resist.

So in radio you have a few fears, dead air, leaving the mic on while you are angry, going to the bathroom and it takes longer than you thought,  and flubbing a word and making it sound like another word.

When I was in high school we had a radio station and I had a regular shift on the air I don’t know why because of this.    At that time we played 45 records for our music.   This was my first day of being on my own.   I got a bit confused while playing Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot, I took the needle off the record.   No needle, No Gordon!  Panic sets in and I put the needle back on the record!   Success!!!!   Not so fast Wolman Jack breath I promptly turned the power off on Gordon!   The record started to slow down and almost stopped before I turned to power on and the record creating a special moment as Gordon Lightfoot got back to speed 45rpm!

Rexburg Idaho, working in the evening and a long song was playing so I decided to step outside for a breath of fresh air, closing the never locked front door but on that day it was locked.   What to do, I had no key and I knew the record would end soon. What to do, what to do,

I “leaned into the door” …… as the door flew open “BAM” I guess I leaned pretty hard.  But the record was saved.   (By the way a friend drove out to repair the door that night)

Doing a sports broadcast in Missouri so technical issues found me on the floor trying to fix the problem, which I did just like a Plumber, complete with Plumbers pants!  Major league butt crack right in the Press Box

There have been times of burping, and other body noises but the most helpless moments are when you get words all confused and other words come out that well let’s  just say could get you a fine from the FCC.

The worst of that happened to me in  Paris TN on a Saturday afternoon doing a live sports report for 5 minutes no commercial breaks and the first story was about a football coach and I messed up his name in a way that …….. Well let’s just say I said the big one, just like Raphe.

1st story, 5 minute sports cast, no commercial breaks…. To this day I am not sure how I got through that.    But I do know that when I turned Mic off and made sure it was off that my grasp of the English language consisted of mainly word that are easily spelled with just four letters.

As I said. “Mistake’s, I made a few… but I did it my way”

Fun fact for Friday the 13th:

Stupid news—Area 51, Amore gone wrong and frogs

Laff lines\