The big question of the past 24 hours has been, “Did you feel the Earthquake”  The was what one news outlet(AP) “a light but widely felt earthquake”  the quake was a 4.3 and centered 8 miles south of Soda Springs Idaho at 8:32pm.

I was watching “Arrow” when it happened.  I felt it in my ….. For lack of a better term BUTT!  Really my seat was shaking and I looked at the ceiling fan swaying.

I had heard that you can become disoriented after a tremor and I did for about 20 minutes I felt like I had Vertigo.

Several years ago there was a quake that hit in Nevada causing some damage.  It happened about 7:15am why do I remember the time?  I was on the air and my microphone started moving here in Logan.  It moved enough that it hit me in the mouth.  But not everyone here at the radio stations in our building felt it.

The tremor made me remember a night way back November 16th 1970.  I was watching Monday night football when I felt a small quake that had hit the New Madrid fault.  Why would I remember a night like that? Damage? Nope.  Was I scared?  Of course not I was a teenager full of hormones!    It was the game itself!

I was a rabid fan of the Cardinals and hated the Cowboys and my team shut out the boys 33-0 that night.  Dandy Don Meredith was beside himself angry and letting everyone know he wasn’t happy!  Because he wasn’t happy I WAS!

Friday January 26, 2018 was National Spouse day.   So I say “HI Spouse to my wife Teresa!

Anyway, a new survey found the 10 things that annoy us the most about our spouses.  Check ’em out . . .

  1. Selective listening, 40%. 2.  Snoring, 39%.   3.  Being a control freak, 26%.     4.  Not financially responsible, 20%.
  2. Gross habits like nose picking, flatulence, and burping, 19%.
  3. Not contributing enough to housework, 18%.
  4. Messy habits like leaving dirty clothes on the floor, 17%.
  5. Works too much, 16%.   9… Doesn’t get along with your parents, 8%.   10.  Always forgets your anniversary, 5%.

The survey also found the 10 things that we actually APPRECIATE about our spouses . . .

  1. Hard working, 60%. 2.  You can be yourself around them, 56%.    3.  Makes you laugh, 56%.    4.  Smart, 52%.   5.  Supportive of your goals, 48%.   6.  Great parent, 45%.
  2. Sexy, 44%. 8.  Good with money, 31%.    9.  Does the dishes, 29%.    10.  Buys you things, 28%.

Now I am sure that my wife doesn’t find any of my idiotic synchronies annoy her!  And the Top 10 is ME!  #7 is all about ME!

NO really, I am a lucky man.  I often say “I would take back everything I said bad about my wife, except I can’t say anything bad about her”.  That is not my way of getting on her good side it is the truth.  And if I get on her good side all the better!!!!!!!!


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