Set for release on September 18th, will be the six-CD collection, Dire Straits - Studio Albums 1978-1991. The set, which was previously issued as a vinyl-only set back in 2013, features all six of the band's albums: Dire Straits (1978); Communique (1979); Making Movies (1980); Love Over Gold (1982); Brothers In Arms (1985); and On Every Street (1991).

Among the classic Dire Straits tracks included on the box are "Sultans Of Swing," "Romeo & Juliet," "Skateaway," "Communique," "Money For Nothing," "Solid Rock," "So Far Away," "Walk Of Life," and "Brothers in Arms," among many more.

Mark Knopfler, who still performs a healthy dose of Dire Straits material in his solo setlists, told us that over the years he's realized how connected these songs truly are with his fans' day-to-day lives: "I do mess with the songs, but other things you have to make a judgment on. The end of songs, well, y'know, I've tried missin' it out, or whatever. But, things just don't seem right with the world with the fans if you do (laughs). The thing about it is that people tell me that they use the music for all sorts of things. Y'know, births, and marriages, and deaths, and celebrations, and real wonderful things -- and they use it to live with, and to work with, and to make out with, to give them courage and incredible things, to see them through hard times."

In 2018, Dire Straits was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with Mark Knopfler opting to sit out the event.