I am not feeling well and to be honest I probably should not have come in today but I am one of those people who just hates missing work.

So I will keep this blog kind of short.

Since it is the Christmas Season I wanted to share a couple of very strange Holiday song.

One of my favorite shows has been Lavern and Shirley and here is a Holiday gem from Lenny and the SquIgtones.

I laugh every time

There was actually a Star Wars Christmas to show that has supplied lots of memories.  One of the songs seem to be written for me.    I had long hair and a full beard.  At the time I was a night DJ, my on air name was Buford (a nickname that some people still call me by including my wife) and was taking request when a call came in and it was a group of girls who were all friends and they sang to me ‘WHAT TO YOU GET A BUFORD FOR CHRISTMAS, WHEN HE ALREADY OWNS A COMB:

So forgive me. I will now go home turn on the radio (KOOL of course) read a couple of comic books and try to sleep.   Oh yeah eat something.  BRING ON THE BACON!