No offense but I don’t trust you.

It is just one of those things that I don’t distrust you but I don’t fully trust everybody.  Right now at KOOL 1039 my car is locked, I lock up my home and even carry my wallet in a front pocket, it is harder to be a victim of a pickpocket than if I had my wallet in the back pocket.   Something that I learned when I was a teenager …… the hard way!

As the Joker would say “WHY SO SERIOUS” , Benji and I were talking and he should me a social media site that he subscribes to called Snapchat and a service that other Snapchat users can see where you are at any time 24 -7. NOOOOOOO WAY.   Some people are a lot more trusting than me,

Oliva Solon wrote about it in the Guardian.  She wrote the feature lets users track other people’s location in real time, rising concerns among safety and privacy advocates.     YA THINK?

Snap product designer Jack Brody told Refinery 29. “There’s something really powerful about seeing the diversity but also the similarity of snaps around the world”.   Whatever the heck that means.  He add Snapchaters can choose exactly who they want to share their location with, if at all (That would be me) and can change that setting at any time.

Now that is something that SnapChat did right.  Larry Magis, the CEO of said parents would sit down with their kids and get them to really consider which friends they are sharing with.    I would add to that to warn them, don’t add anyone you just met.

To be fair Twitter lets people add their location to tweets, while Facebook check in and the share location Messenger function allow people to track their contacts.  Man this is scary stuff

I do use Facebook, I am a novice on Twitter but I do have a rule. If I am out of town I never let my “Friends” know about it until I am home.  Why?  I don’t want a friend to think about an opportunity that they would not normally do.   When I am home then I will share to let friends and family see that I am living and had a great time.

I enjoy social media for the most part but as with everything in this world it has an evil side!  That is a side I don’t like at all.  I would just say be cautious and enjoy life, but for me I have my eye on you.  I might Love you I might like you.  But that doesn’t mean I fully trust you.



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