The only thing that does not change is change.

The current pandemic has already changed our lives and I think we are only starting to see that some of those changes are going to be permanent.

I think wearing mask in public will become more the norm.   Kind of worries me though.  I was talking with a friend and he said remember when 9-11 happened and you could not wear mask.  Both of us had mask on while we were talking

I even think the days of the bottles of ketchup and other condiments will be gone for good.   Always wondered how sanitary those things were anyway

Shaking hands when you meet someone or greet an old friend is already being discouraged   Fist Bumps, elbow bumps. bows I do not know what will replace the handshake but for me I will smile and say “SUP”

More and more people will work from home. I have now for several weeks and I must say I kind of enjoy it.  My commute is a lot shorter, but I am closer to the snacks in the fridge.

I find myself working more hours at home than I did at the station for two reasons

  1. It takes more effort to get things ready to put on the air.
  2. I find myself checking on e-mails and other station related items a few more times each day.


I would not be surprised if we did not see some changes in our education system especially during the cold and flu seasons


I have not been using food delivery services myself preferring to use take out.  But I would not be surprised to see the use of home delivery booming.

I do worry about all of us becoming more isolated in our every day lives. I am pretty much a homebody, but I am starting to miss the everyday interaction with friends and co-workers.

I am hoping that as things change, we can find ways to make important things stay the same.