I think it does.  On Thursday I had an appointment to get to at 10am.  As I stepped outside I took a deep breath and there it was the distinct aroma of spring.

You are rolling your eye, thinking I had a little bit too much Nyquil.

I have always said that the seasons seem to have their own smell, winter with the cold that freezes you nose hairs and the inversion.   Then add that a rendering plant and the city dump is just west of the radio station and yes WINTER STINKS!  But there is nothing like walking out your door after a winter storm when it is quite.  That has a smell too.

Spring just smells clean to me. Then you start getting the aroma of the flowers.

Summer has its own smell on a mild summer night you can walk outside and the smell of the grills smokers and Dutch ovens is intoxicating.   But a hot summer day has the smell of GET ME BACK INSIDE TO THE AIR CONDITIONER!   The other summer smell has n words to describe it.  Hot summer day a slight breeze and a dairy or pig farm…

Fall has a great smell.  The air starts getting that cool crisp smell.  The grills are still cooking at nights and the weekends and even the falling leaves have an aroma.

Now I know that me smelling spring doesn’t mean winter is over.  It means we are closer to the time when we can start going back outside to enjoy the smells of spring.  Then every year it happens the late snow storms that brings the complaints on Facebook.

Snowed on my birthday in May and in 2002 I had an appointment at the U of U medical center as a follow up to a major surgery I had had in the spring.  It was June the 12th of 2002 and we drove from Logan to the U of U in snow the whole way.  We found out later that Sardine Canyon had been closed right behind us and at the U of U snowplows were out.

So is it spring I smell or is it just wishful thinking.


Today on the morning show: The Carlton Dance

Stupid news: Hunting with Jose, and this guy is having a Bad day.

Laff lines   the moving sidewalk