It’s not like drive time on the 405 in LA but traffic in Cache valley and northern Utah is getting crowded!

Yesterday my wife and I were driving to a birthday party for a friend in Nibley   it was almost 6pm and the line of traffic on the highway was long and going fast.

For me that was a bit of a shock because I usually don’t drive at high traffic times. (Traffic is kind of sparse at 5am.  Even then you sometimes you would be shocked to see full parking lots of convince stores at that hour.

That is why as I was getting ready for today I found this.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, commute times just hit an all-time high.  The average American’s commute was 27 minutes one way last year . . . that’s two minutes more than it was a decade ago.

And that adds up.  It’s an extra 20 minutes a week . . . or 17 extra hours a year.

And all in all, the average person spends 225 hours, or nine full calendar days, commuting in a year.

So what’s leading to the increases in commute time?  One of the big reasons is cities not having enough housing, so people move further away . . . THEN cities not spending on roads and transportation, which makes their drives tougher.

I am really lucky because my commute is less than 10 minutes….. But for that 10 minutes I can have road rage.  You know the feeling when someone parks in your favorite parking space at the store……I hate that.

One other thing, I am bad at using the navigation system on my phone when I need it.  I miss the days of getting directions



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