The longest running sitcom in TV History made its debut on April 19th 1987.  “THE SIMPSONS” were originally just an animated segment of the “Tracy Ulman Show” on FOX.  If you ever watch some of those shorts you will see how crudely they were drawn and how the characters have changed over the years.  

When the Simpsons began I remember there was a backlash because the crude humor and the “UNDER ACHIVER AND PROUD OF IT ‘Bart Simpson.  The catch phrase “Eat my Shorts” got on peoples nerves, including my own sister who would not let her children watch the program. (But then again she wouldn’t let them watch Happy Days either)

I must admit that I didn’t become a big fan of the show until I moved to Utah in 1993.  I was staying with my Sister Sandra and her son Kelly as I looked for work here.  Kelly loved The Simpson’s and had a video tape full of episodes that he would watch when he went to bed.  I don’t think either one of us got a lot of sleep that year because we were laughing at the yellow people with three fingers.

I think the brilliance of the show has to do with the animation so that no one aged, well maybe Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burns did but who knew.  Also the writers of the show never were shy about creating controversy.  From Homers fight with President Bush to baseball and steroid use and even road rage, the Simpson’s were there making us laugh and even cringe a little at times. 

At 1st Bart was the focus of the show but over the years Homer is more the star.  Who hasn’t said “DOH” when something goes wrong?

I could go on and on about this great show.  No it is not as good as it used to be but are you after 31 years.  I have a metal knee a metal screw in my foot, and more than a few extra pounds on me that say “DOH”.

Just remember this there is a little bit of Homer in all of us yes “I AM SO SMRT”

Here are some great sound bites from THE SIMPSONS.

 Some people don’t think the Simpsons are funny and when it comes to humor we all have different taste.  A new survey asked people what types of HUMOR they find funny

  1. Observations on everyday life, 72%.
  2. Observations on the news, 47%.
  3. Wordplay, 31%.
  4. Controversial or taboo subjects, 30%.
  5. Impressions, 28%.
  6. Sketch comedy, 26%.
  7. Improv, 23%.
  8. Cringe worthy, awkward, and embarrassing situations, 22%.
  9. Toilet humor, 14%. There goes half my show down the toilet!
  10. Nothing.  I find nothing funny.  7%.   (Get a life)


Today on the morning show we proved SOME PEOPLE ARE SCUMBAGS.  I need more stress in my life ….really I do!


Stupid news: A stoned raccoon and shaking your Groove thing

Laff lines:  Going to another country