The age old battle between parents and kids is ‘EAT YOUR VEGGIES”

I am not sure about the amount but I bet I cried millions of gallons of tears telling my mom I don’t like vegetables!

My mother like most moms tried all kinds of things even lying.  You see I would eat potatoes but not veggies, so my Mom plotted against me and my child like pallet and told me that hominy was just little potatoes.   I FELL FOR IT.

I started eating corn and eventually salad, (heavy of the dressing please)

But my taste for veggies started to change in my mid teen years when my sister Judy started making a Broccoli casserole.  I loved it! Not only had that vile weed broccoli but it was loaded with cheese another non favorite of mine.   I think it was the combination and then you add sausage and I must admit it was really good.

So as I age I have learned to not only tolerate veggies but I do love some of the green stuff!

What brought me to this blog today was a study I found on line about our favorite vegetables in the United States.  By far it is Broccoli!

In the study by Green Giant 38 of the 50 states including Utah and Idaho Broccoli is the favorite vegetable.   Yes Idaho favors broccoli over potatoes!   Maybe the study didn’t take into account that in Idaho the spud is not a vegetable it is a staple.

When I went to Ricks College and ate at the cafeteria we had potatoes every meal!  During Potato harvest I would walk along the roadway picking up spuds that had fallen off the truck.   FREE HIGWAY SPUDS!  And if a car had ran over the potato FREE MASHED POTATOES”

Today on the morning show IF FICTION WAS FACT!

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