The first trailer has been released for the upcoming Elton John biopic, titled Rocketman, starring Taron Egerton -- who provides his own vocals for the film. Ultimate Classic Rock reported, "the one-minute teaser treats fans to a cavalcade of John's era-defining costumes, ending with a message saying Rocketman is 'based on a true fantasy.' The film, directed by Dexter Fletcher, is set for release in May 2019."

Back in 2011, when the film was first announced posted: "(Rocketman is) a biographical musical fantasy that will weave together Elton's life and his music. The film will be and unconventional film take on Elton's story, including choreographed sequences using Elton's biggest hit songs. Those tunes will be part of the movie package and will drive a story that will cover the rough spots in Elton's journey of self-discovery."

Rocket Pictures' Steve Hamilton Shaw, who'll co-executive produce the film with Elton and husband David Furnish explained, "Rocketman will be a radically different kind of biopic. It will be as unique as Elton's life, told in a non-linear and hyper-visual manner that will transport people through the many intense experiences, some wonderful, some not, that helped define Elton as an artist, musician and man."

Elton John, who first started recording in the 1960's, is truly a rock legend who can say they have "been there -- done that" to the extreme: "Rock n' roll has given me an incredible life. What I did along the way, I was going, y'know, 'Well, if there's drugs, I'm gonna do them. I'm gonna play the whole game.' And that's a dangerous game to play because you might not come put the other side -- and very nearly didn't. I think that's one of my personality traits; I'm a complete addict in anything I do. I do things in excess to everything -- and I admit that. I would love to be a minimalist. And I look in magazines and I see minimalist homes and I say, 'Oh, this is so great. This is aesthetically so beautiful' -- but I just can't" (laughs) at Montreal's Centre Bell Centre.