Even the staunchest critic has to hand it to Elton John for publishing what is arguably the most entertaining and honest memoir in rock. Among the many hysterical stories contained in The New York Times Bestseller, Me, is the "Rocket Man" and his hero and friend John Lennon in 1974 making their way through a "pile" of cocaine at Manhattan's Sherry-Netherland Hotel.

Elton writes about the pair partying when someone knocks on the door, which Elton, in his inebriated state, is convinced is the cops. He wrote: "John gestured for me to see who it was. I looked through the spyhole. My reaction was a peculiar combination of relief and incredulity. 'John,' I whispered, 'It's Andy Warhol.' John shook his head frantically and drew his finger across his throat. 'No f***ing way. Don't answer it,' he hissed. . . 'What do you mean don't answer it? It's Andy Warhol.' There was more knocking. John rolled his eyes. 'Has he got that f***ing camera with him?' he asked. . I looked again through the spyhole and nodded. Andy took his Polaroid camera everywhere. 'Right,' said John, 'and do you want him coming in here taking photos when you've got icicles of coke hanging out of your nose?' I had to concede that I did not. 'Then don't f***ing answer it,' whispered John, and we crept back to doing whatever we were doing, trying to ignore the continued knocking of the world's most famous pop artist."

Elton John admitted that once John Lennon reunited with Yoko Ono in 1975 after their 14-month separation, he and Lennon found themselves leading far different lives in the second half of the 1970's: "After the year that I spent with John, on and off, and becoming friends, I didn't really see much more of him, because he was happy. . . His life was back together. He wasn't the raving drug addict. . . y'know, we took a lot of drugs together, we misbehaved together. He'd find (sic) solace again, and I think with Sean, maybe he -- and I talked about people making mistakes with their first kid -- and I didn't think he was the best father in the world to Julian. I don't think he wanted to make that same mistake again with Sean."

Elton John, who is Sean Lennon's godfather, last saw John Lennon on September 13th, 1980 when he and Yoko joined Elton at his after-party following his massive free concert in New York's Central Park.

Elton John performs tonight (October 30th) at Memphis' FedExForum.