Elton John is collaborating on his latest musical score via Zoom, according to BBC News. British playwright and screenwriter James Graham revealed to Britain's Hardtalk, that the upcoming musical is "about U.S. televangelists in Ronald Reagan's 1980's America and how they became some of the biggest ministries in the world."

Graham, whose works have run primarily in England, wrote the book for the Broadway musical Finding Neverland, and two of his own plays, Privacy, and the Tony-nominated, Ink, also ran on the "Great White Way." Graham, who hopes to have the musical wrapped while the pair are still in lockdown, explained, "It is not easy. None of the great 20th Century musicals were written over Skype and Zoom."

There are few artists to have had as celebrated a career as Elton John. Despite that, he maintains that it's what's still to come that gives him the most excitement and pleasure regarding his work: "It's lovely to go and to look back, but I'm a person who looks forward; I'm more interested in what's going to happen next. I value the past and my career, and sometimes when I go back, I think, 'Oh, that's not band, that's pretty good' -- but I'm all about what's going to happen next. That keeps me on my toes and it keeps me young. It's always about tomorrow and not the past."