Elvis Costello is out on the road playing a pretty fan-friendly show this time out. Although Costello shakes things up every night, the current fall dates -- dubbed the "Just Trust" tour -- find him hitting key selections from such classic sets as 1979's Armed Forces, 1980's Get Happy!!, 1981's Trust, and 1982's Imperial Bedroom -- along with healthy doses of the rest of the beloved catalogue.

Backing Costello once again is the Imposters, featuring Steve Nieve on keyboards, Pete Thomas on drums, and bass and vocalist Davey Faragher -- along with singers Kitten Kuroi and Briana Lee.

Elvis Costello, who spent the better part of last summer on the road with Blondie, told us that over the decades some of his classic tunes have become vastly improved in their live configurations: "You find the essential core instruments that make the performance work in concert. This I discovered early on. The first five records that I recorded -- five or six really -- could all be performed and it would sound very close to the recording because that's who was playing on the record. The overdubs were minimal. The only missing aspect on the early Attractions records were the vocal harmonies that I did. Now with the Imposters, even just adding one voice singing the harmonic interval in the songs that were recorded originally by the Attractions makes them much brighter. The choruses speak in certain songs much better than they ever did before."