Although Elvis Costello & The Imposters perform a top-heavy show of classic tunes from Elvis' days with the Attractions — and despite featuring three of the same members — he definitely feels as though they're a completely different band. Costello is currently out on the road as apart of a double bill with fellow New Wave pioneers, Blondie, and has recently rolled out his 24-date fall tour itinerary. Costello's primary band since 2001 — the Imposters — features Attractions keyboardist Stevie Nieve, drummer Pete Thomas — with Davey Faragher replacing Attractions bassist Bruce Thomas.

Elvis Costello spoke to us about when he realized the Attractions had run their course in the mid-'90s after reuniting after nearly a decade apart: “We were in Japan and we just recognized, it just was at the end of the line. It never had really been a second line, it was just an attempt to work together, 'cause it, sort of, developed naturally over Brutal Youth — but it wasn't really natural by the time we got to that. It was done with gritted teeth and I didn't feel that was very healthy. And you can't go back like that — it's a different thing. Y'know, we definitely play, rhythmically, much more convincingly than the Attractions ever did. The Imposters is really an R&B band, in my opinion. I think there's a big distinction in the thing that Davey Faragher brings to it. If you want him to play in that English style of bass playing, he's not going to do that; he doesn't play like that — he's an American”