Avenger’s end game is now in the theaters and I am excited to see it.  The MCU movies are so much fun (Thor Ragnarok was the exception for me) I hope to see it real soon.

But the opening of Endgame overshadowed the end of one of my favorite TV shows. GOTHAM.  The final episode aired on FOX on Thursday night.  If you never watch to show it was all about Batman but not Batman.  That is what I really liked about the show it was an origin story that was 5 years in the making.

Starting with Thomas and Martha Wayne being murdered in front of their son Bruce and a kind police detective who befriended the boy and watch him grow up.

Some critics of the show didn’t like the premise that the program was more about Detective Jim Gordon than Bruce, but that is what I enjoyed about it.  That and the development of Bruce into the hero we call Batman.

The side storylines ranged from incredible to more than a little freaky.  The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy all had incredible storylines.  While I must admit Professor PYG and The Mad Hatter characters were more than a little freaky,

But one of my favorite was a villain that was unique to the show.  FISH MOONEY played by Jada Pinket Smith.  Fish ran a club for the mob and secretly longed to run the organization.  Her interactions with the Penguin was incredible to watch.  Fish was killed and brought back to life just like in the comics, I hope the powers that be at DC Comics will find a way to use Fish in the Batman stories in the future.

There will always be debate in the world of Comic book and Super hero fans about the best hero’s

So as to not offend those Marvel fan’s here is Dave’s top 10 Marvel Hero’s

  1. Captain America. 2. Bucky (the Winter Soldier). 3. Black Widow. Wolverine.  5. Daredevil 6. Hawkeye.  7 The X-men.  8 Black Panther 9 Falcon 10.  Spider-man.

In the DC universe 1. Batman 2. Nightwing 3. Jason Todd (Red Hood) 5. Green lantern Jon Stewart 6. Batgirl 7. Superman.  8, Wonder woman 9 The Flash and Number 10 The entire Justice League.

I could go on and on about Superhero the TV shows the movies and the comics and collectables.    But I must now fire up my version of the BATMOBILE  (Honda CRV, with a Joker steering wheel cover till Monday in the words of Stan Lee