Isn’t just a little ironic that I went to see the Doctor on Monday afternoon not sick.   Monday night SICK!

Yeah, I just don’t feel good today. That is a problem too.

Part of my job is to help you start your day by playing great music and having trying to help you get at least one smile or laugh in before you have to face the reality of


I truly love my job or should I say profession but on days like today it is tough.  That is why I mention that I just don’t feel well.  But I did notice one thing being here this morning.  Being on the radio helps me forget that I am sick.  For that I thank you!  Why? Because I know that you know I am just a guy who considers you the listener’s friends.  I always love meeting you and talking to you on the phone.  It is truly one of the great joys of my profession.

On Monday at the Doctors office I was having my hearing checked (GOOD).  The tech who was helping and asking question and it came up that I am on the radio.   He listens every day and said.  I thought I recognized your voice.

I love those times

However there are times that can be a little embarrassing.   Several years ago I had been very ill and had lots of test and while I was having a test ran where I was let’s just say almost NAKED when the tech made the connection and said “Hey are you’re the Dave Denton on the radio’.  Well the last thing I wanted to have happen that day was to be recognized when I have my pants down.

I know I should not have been embarrassed but I was slightly but looking back it was kind of KOOL.

One more medical story.  I had a cyst that had to be lanced, no big deal but it was in a very delicate portion of the anatomy… it was on my butt!  Then the incision didn’t want to heal so I had to go to a wound clinic for several weeks.  One afternoon the Dr asked if some nursing students could take a look and see the measure being taken to heal the wound.


I told them it was OK so here come the students to look and my ###.  I was KOOL with that, but then there was another group and another.  Well after the 3 time I looked at the Nurse who had been with me the whole time.    “THAT IS ENOUGH, I KNOW YOU ARE ALL PRO’S, BUT I AM NOT I DON’T THINK I WANT ANYONE ELSE COMING IN TO LOOK AT MY ###!”   At that point we both broke up laughing.

Today a world record Christmas Event

Stupid news Booze, a Turkey attack and Christmas tree’s

Laugh Lines :  guys named Todd

So I say Farewell today… but right now I am going to INSTA-CARE