Coming on February 13th is renowned music journalist Paul Zollo's eagerly anticipated updated reissue of his 2005 book, Conversations With Tom Petty. Zollo posted on social media about the new book — now called, Conversations With Tom Petty – The Expanded Edition — writing, “We had hoped it could be ready in time for his birthday in October, but because of the addition of much new material (including some very special surprises), it had to be delayed. But it will be here soon! We've been working hard on it for many months — and it's almost there. This is the new version of the book of conversations Tom and I did back in 2005. Now expanded with unpublished interviews we did, photos and more.”

Shortly before his 2017 death, Tom Petty explained that his success was hard earned, but only possible due to a constantly interested and supportive fanbase: “There were times where I really had to work and hustle. I've never felt like I've gotten a huge promo from the music business. I don't think they ever held things up and made things easy for me. It's my audience is what's made me survive, honestly. It's actually the people (laughs) that we play to, and that buy the records that have made us a sort of contradiction — because, God knows, we've done the least, I mean the bare minimum of promotion in our life (laughs).”

Tom Petty died on October 2nd, 2017 at age 66 at UCLA Medical Center, one day after suffering cardiac arrest at his home.

Petty's death was officially ruled an accidental overdose. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner stated the cause of death to be “multisystem organ failure due to resuscitated cardiopulmonary arrest due to mixed drug toxicity.”