It is time for the Academy Awards. THE OSCARS, where the movies and all those who make them get honored by their peers and movie goers everywhere and for some of us we watch and say WHO? WHAT WAS THAT MOVIE? NEVER HEARD OF IT.  HOW LONG ARE THEY GOINNA STAND THERE AND TALK YET, SAY NOTHING. OR “HEY STOP ALL THAT POLITICAL CRAP, I CAN GET THAT ON FACEBOOK!”

I love going to the movies always have but must admit I don’t go as much as I used to but if it isn’t a Super hero movie I ain’t going!  No, life gets in the way for me,  I can’t go during the week because I get up so early that if I went for a 7pm show and not get out until 9 then drive home try to quite my mind I would not get to sleep till Mid Night.  And I get up at 4:30 to come play Radio.

But I thought it would be fun to look back at all the Best picture winners and see if I have seen them.

1960 the Apartment.  NOPE

  1. West Side Story. YES, Loved the story but I am not a big fan of musicals
  2. Lawrence of Aribia. NOPE
  3. Tom Jones. No, but I love his music! Oh he isn’t the singer….awkward!
  4. My fair lady. I think so
  5. The Sound of Music. Oh yes I have and my sister Edwinna loved it and had the soundtrack and would make her younger siblings sing along. I was the youngest so I got the sing “THE SUN HAS GONE TO BED AND SO MUST I” I am still traumatized
  6. A man for all seasons. NOPE
  7. Oliver. Yep and when I want seconds I always say “Please sir, I want some more.
  8. Midnight Cowboy. Nope but I have the Seinfeld parody!  Does that count?
  9. Patton, Yes I saw it that’s where I learned all my cuss words!
  10. The French Connection. Nope but I would love to some day
  11. The Godfather. Kind of I fell asleep, I did not like it at all. I guess it was because I am not a Brando fan at all.

1973 The Sting.  Yes, liked it but that theme song by Marvin Hamlish drives me crazy

  1. The Godfather part two. Based on Godfather you can guess
  2. One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. I think so but not sure.
  3. Rocky, are you kidding me every guy my age has said at one time ‘YO ADREANE ….. I DID IT”
  4. Annie Hall. Not a Woody Allen fan
  5. The Deer hunter. Nope but would love to see it
  6. Kramer vs Kramer. Yes and cried like a baby
  7. Ordinary people. Yes see 1979

1981 Chariots of fire.  Yes I enjoyed it but I love the Sesame street version from Monster Piece Theater. “CHARIOTS OF FUR”

  1. Ghandi. Nope
  2. Terms of Endearment. See 1979 and 1980

1984 Amadeus.  Yes so Rock me Amadeus

  1. Out of Africa. I think I did?
  2. Platoon. Nope
  3. The Last Emperor. I think I did?
  4. Rain man. Yes and K-mart sucks
  5. Driving Miss Daisy. What a nice movie
  6. Dances with Wolves. Yes, but didn’t like it
  7. Silence of the Lambs… Yes and I will never eat Fava Beans again
  8. Unforgiven. No
  9. Shindlers List. I loved it and it still haunts me to this day that men can be so cruel yet others so heroic.

1994 Forrest Gump.  Stupid is as Stupid does and not only that I have to eat Bubba Gump Shrimp every time I see a restaurant.  I am waiting for Bubba Gump Spam!

1995 Braveheart.  No

  1. The English Patient. No but Seinfeld again
  2. Titanic. Yes, Guys love that one scene and Women don’t!  But I did like the movie
  3. Shakespeare in Love. No but I did try reading Romeo and Juliet once
  4. American Beauty. No
  5. Gladiator. No but that is my kind of movie
  6. A beautiful mind. I heard it was about math and I failed math
  7. Chicago. No I was scared it would be about the CUBS! Go Cards
  8. The Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King. I tried couldn’t get into it
    2004 Million Dollar Baby. No

2005 Crash.  No

2006 The Departed.  No I have never heard of these last two

  1. No Country for Old men. No but as I age I should

2008 Slum dog Millionaire.  No but I have heard Raj talk about it on Big gang

  1. The Hurt Locker. No

2010   The Kings Speech.  Yes it was awesome

  1. The Artist. No
  2. Argo .NO GO
  3. 12 years a slave. NO

2014 Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance.   Nope.  I must me the most virtuous man on the face on the earth

  1. Spotlight. NOPE never heard of it

2016 Moonlight No but “MOON LIGHT FEELS RIGHT”

So who will win this year and have I seen it I can tell you now NOPE.  I prefer the super hero movies!  PASS THE POPCORN

Today I got a call from a long time listener Russ called to wish us a Happy Anniversary

Thanks Russ!

We need Bacon

Stupid news. A job opening, Gravy and Utah rap music

Laff lines : From  The tonight show on NBC.  How I got dumped tweets

My getting dumped story is sad but true.  When I was in college I met a young lady and we went out one night to dinner and movie and had a great time.  The next day I ran into her on campus and she showed me her engagement ring.  I didn’t know she was dating anyone.  POOR ME!

You feel bad for me?  Are you laughing at me?  I thought so!