Today is the 1st day of the Cache County Fair and Rodeo and when you talk about County Fairs I have some vivid and great memories.    Well one not so great but more on that later.

When I lived in east central Missouri it was FAIR FUN.  I spent a lot of my life at the Montgomery County Fair.  The smallest county population wise in the state has a huge county fair.  It truly was awesome.

I used the excuse of working on the radio to spend all day at the fair, even on hot humid days, Why because the little building the fair board put us in was had an air conditioner!!!!!!

Part of the building had a back room that was set aside for those who were having a hard time with the heat.

But I got to admit some of the best memories came when we had rain and thunderstorms.  Let me explain.

For several years it decided to rain during concerts.  One year Eddie Rabbit started singing his hit “I love a rainy night” and yep it started raining.   Despite these storms I don’t think a concert was ever canceled but they did cut a few short.

One Saturday night after a concert a huge storm came in and the fairgrounds arena became a mud pit.  Sunday afternoon the band Diamond Rio was scheduled to perform but the main seating area was a mess.  The show must go on and it did.

I was asked to introduce the band and saw a few brave souls standing in mud, so I started calling them the MUDDERS to which the crowd started chanting MUDDERS, MUDDERS.  Diamond Rio came on stage and the crowd was really into it and by the time the concert was over there were hundreds of MUDDERS splashing around.

Thunderstorm stories continue.   I was asked to be a judge of the fair BBQ Contest.   Dave and free BBQ …. I jumped at the chance.  But as the judging was taking place it happened.  The Tornado Siren starts up warning that a Tornado had been spotted nearby!  There were thousands of people on the fairground and it became a real life and death situation.

Of course with my job at the radio station I worked closely with law enforcement to get information to the public, so off I went to meet up with the County Sheriff the Chief of Police and the Mayor all standing in the rain as the sirens continued and a mild panic started.  It was my job to assure those in attendance that the treat was several miles from us but as a precaution the fairgrounds were being evacuated.  This was not a false alarm it was the real thing, a funnel cloud had set down about 7 miles from the fairgrounds but the storm was moving away from us.

The fairgrounds emptied out with very few problems and the storm stopped too.  Those in charge of the fair decided that it was time for those who had worked so had helping in a bad situation needed some relief and what a party it was.   The next day I saw a lot of my friends who looked like they were the mayor of HANG OVER CITY!

Going to the fair is always fun, if you are lucky you get to eat something on a stick and see long lost friends.  So grab the kids and go have a little FAIR FUN.

Notice I didn’t mention the Rodeo.   I have been to a few and I know people love it.  But for me seeing the crowd making their way to the rodeo arena means one thing.   The line at the Polish Sausage stand is shorter!!!

Today is National Cat day.  I might get a new job and BACK to school shopping

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