Life throws us all curveballs and mine has been fatherhood.  I did not know either Grandfather and my father passed away when I was just 4 years old and I have no memories of him.  I have heard stories and can tell you I got my since of humor from him.

As far as father’s day is concerned.  I am not a father, and that means I am not a grandfather and I admit sometimes that is kind of hard to deal with.   But I have a great life and that is in part because of the influence of good men in my life.

My Uncle Brent and my Uncle Danis though not a blood relative were great men who were kind and provided me much guidance and served as positive role models in my life.

There was my cousin David who could walk under my arms.  Denis who I called my 2nd dad who helped me so much in my teen years.  There were countless church leaders who helped mold me.

I hope that after I have passed on there will be a few young men who will look back and say Dave Denton was a good man and a man who helped me

That is what being a man is and being a Father or a Father figure.


Happy Father’s day