I love watching movies, mostly action movies but movies in general.  However I am not a big fan of musicals.  So on today’s blog some of my favorite movies you might not have watched (or liked)

Blues brothers 2000 – I know the movie plot was really bad but oh the music in this film was incredible.   The concert at the end with all these legendary musicians to this day gets me pumped up just thinking about how good that was

Silent movie—one of Mel Brooks least successful films.  I thought it was brilliant with it truly being silent with only one word spoken by Marcel Marceau when he said ‘NO” loved it

Tommy boy – I know this was very successful film but I don’t think it got the praise it should have.  It was a great story of a young man everybody thought was a screw up who was smarter than everyone thinks.   Who doesn’t relate to this science?

Blank man  _ Damon Wayans and David Allen Geer  kind of a parody of a Superhero film but I liked it because the film to me was more of a movie about what a Brother would do to protect his younger brother.

Ed wood– I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  Shot in Black and white and based on a true story of Ed wood one of the worst film makers of all time.   Jonny Depp was Ed Wood the man who gave u Plan 9 from outer space and other movies that were so bad they were good.   When you watch it you will be touched by the relationship of Ed and Bella Lugosi played by Martin Landau .  Sarah Jessica Parker,  Bill Murray and George the Animal Steel.  This is a great film!

FM—Who would have thought I would love a film about a Radio station.  I saw this several times in the theater itself and at home too.  Not only do you get a pretty good look behind the scenes of a radio station but you get live concert footage of Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffet.

Only the lonely — My absolute favorite John Candy film!  John plays a Chicago Fireman who is overweight and lives with his Mom.  Legendary actress Maureen O’Hare.  John has trouble getting into a relationship partly because of his weight and an overbearing Mom.   That is until he meets a quirky woman portrayed by Ally Sheedy who grew up above a funeral home and does make up for the dead and makes them look like movie stars.    This is a romantic comedy but more importantly a film about people who feel misfits and outcast and finding each other

American hot wax- A true story about the early days of Rock and Roll about the man who game up with the term ROCK AND ROLL.   Alan Freed saw the future and fought hard to play good time music that some felt was the “Devil’s Music” and a lot of that based on racial bigotry.  Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry are also in this move

Eddie and the cruisers – A rock and roll mystery of the disappearance of Eddie and how his band went from nothing to being huge stars.  I won’t do a spoiler but this is really good.  Music by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band was awesome.  Most people thought that the songs were by Bruce Springsteen.  When you hear “On the Dark side “That comes from this movie.  The soundtrack had a hit with tender years.

That is just a few favorites I am sure as go through my day more will come to my mind, what little of it is left.

The video of the day was all about movie mistakes that made the movie better.  Not sure if this next little tid-pit will make this better but I had a mistake this morning that is a little embarrassing.

Out contest “The Mother’s day giveaway’ is going on now but as part of my job I have the responsibility to let a few people here in the building know the winners name and the prize they won.  Well as I am preparing the e-mail I was about to hit the send button when I notice a mistake.   The winner won a 50 dollar Gift certificate for Cox Honeyland!   Nice huh?  However in my haste to finish up I typed out Cox Hineyland. DOH!  Maybe I was remembering a series of fake radio commercials for Hiney Wine, yeas have a little Hiney.

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