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We have all dreamed of becoming Indiana Jones and finding incredible treasure, to become incredibly Rich!  It does happen but not to us.

Some people live the dream I just watch.  The new season of the curse of Oak Island started this week    will they find anything of real material worth or just more nails and rusted metals with a few buttons?  I hope they find something or I will have watched and be let down again THANKS GERALDO RIVERA!

My treasure hunt includes a few items like comics, action figures and some toys.  I have yet to score that one item!  Oh like the guys on Oak Island I have found a few small items.

A rare Batcaver poster, some Beatle items, and a couple of comics but nothing like Detective 27, Action comics # 1 or Amazing fantasy 15.  The hunt continues and after all it is the hunt that is where the fun is.

So tonight I dive into the hunt I search the couch and the car and hopefully I will find enough missing quarters enough to buy a Diet Mt, Dew and a Burger.


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