Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea recently returned to Twitter and was asked by a fan whether the band will ever release an entire album's worth of material — some 15 tracks in all — that it made in 2003 but that never saw the light of day.

A fan asked, “Will you guys ever release the songs from the 2004 era? I'd especially love to have 'Leverage Of Space' in good quality.” Flea did not answer the question directly, instead writing, “'Mini-Epic' was a good one from the session too. Did that ever come out? You’d know better than me.”

Rolling Stone reported in 2003 that the Chili Peppers had entered a California studio that summer to record two new tracks for an upcoming greatest hits collection and left with 15. Flea said at the time, “It was the fastest we have ever recorded so much material. We gave it no thought, we just rocked and it worked well . . . (it) is among the most diverse and dynamic good-feeling s**t we have ever done.”

The band went on tour after the sessions were finished but the LP was never released. Drummer Chad Smith said in 2011 that then-guitarist John Frusciante was against putting it out because his musical influences and playing had changed and evolved and he wanted to record something new. Smith said that as a result, there is an entire Chili Peppers album that nobody will likely ever hear.

Frusciante quit the group for a second and final time in 2009, to be replaced by Josh Klinghoffer. The group's most recent album, The Getaway, was released in June 2016.