Coming on October 25th is a reissue of Fleetwood Mac's 2013 Rumours box set. The “Expanded Edition” featuring the original 1977 album, two discs of outtakes — including the Stevie Nicks-written B-Side “Silver Springs” — and a live collection of tracks from 1977.

Best Classic Bands reported that missing from the new 2019 reissue is the previously remastered vinyl version of the album, and the 1977 documentary DVD focusing on the album's recording sessions, titled, The Rosebud Film.

Rumours topped the Billboard 200 albums chart for 31 non-consecutive weeks and won the Grammy Award for Album Of The Year. The album, which currently has sales of 40 million units worldwide, spawned four Top Ten hits — “Go Your Own Way” (#10), “Don't Stop” (#3), “Dreams” (#1), and “You Make Loving Fun” (#9).

Lindsey Buckingham told us that fans tend to over-romanticize what a horrendous period the recording of Rumours was for the members of Fleetwood Mac: “If there was one worst thing it was probably just it was difficult for all four of us as two couples to have broken up to be alienated — probably not to have gotten anything close to closure — and to still have to kind of move forward. And to do that you kind of had to compartmentalize your emotions a little bit. You had to seal one thing off here and get on with it there. It was kind of an exercise in denial.”

It was during sessions for Rumours that Stevie Nicks and her Fleetwood Mac bandmates began a dangerous cycle of booze and drugs that tangled the group up in cross addiction: “For us it was basically, y’know, brandy, cigarettes, pot, and coke — and that was just the wicked little circle — 'rat’s wheel,' I call it — that everybody was on. Y’know, you do some coke and you were nervous and then you’d smoke some pot to calm down, and you were too stoned and then you’d, y’know, do some more coke to wake up and then you’d have a drink, ‘cause you were too nervous. . . and it was just a nightmare.”