On Wednesday when I heard that the Pandemic recovery was possibly reaching the Yellow status, my mind started racing.  Not with the thought of live one step closer to a future normal but of the Wizard of Oz.

“Follow the Yellow Brick road”


During the entire news conference my inner strange mind was on that yellow road, and what if would do to my life.

There are still so many questions and concerns that we will all have.  However Yellow is a step in the right direction.

If you follow social media at all you will see people with legitimate concerns.   Are we moving to fast or are we moving to slow to get us all to a pre pandemic mode?

At the beginning of the restrictions I said that there was no measuring stick for us to really say if the restrictions were effective or not.

Think of it.  There are those who look at the same data that I do and they will say ”OH THIS IS HORRIBLE”  then others who look at the very same data and say “We need to get our businesses open and get back to life”

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that our lives will be changed.  What does the future hold?  I have no idea.

Over the past few months, I have found myself understanding why some people are more concerned than others.  We are talking life or death.  We are talking a possible economic disaster.  And, here is the one I hate with a passion.  We are talking politics.

I am really tired of the political games that are being played on both sides of the issue.   In stead of trying to come together for the common good the radicals of the right and left are looking to play the blame game.

Me, my personal opinion is we have a crisis on our hands that has snowballed because we have let it.

Now we have to deal with the aftermath on the road to recovery.  If you are one who thinks we are moving to quickly then stay at home take precautions.   I support your fully.  If you think it is time to bet back to normalcy, then do it.  Get out their live life I support you fully.

If it seems I am sitting on the fence on this issue I am not.  What I am doing is saying we all have choices to make and those are personal.

For my wife Teresa and I we will be cautious, making our way our more but not too much.  We are taking a Plan not Panic approach to our lives.

So, I guess I say this.  Please live your life how you see fit and understand those who don’t fully agree with you.  We have choices to make every day and those choices have good and bad outcomes.

Live life