When Logan city put in their request for good weather for “FREEDOM FIRE” they got more than they asked for.   I know the organizers had to a little worry about on Tuesday with the wind kicking up and even some rain in the area.  However when it was time to open the gates at the stadium the weather was PERFECT!

I was asked to be the MC at FREEDOM FIRE a few weeks ago and it was a privilege to be a small part of a great show.

I showed up at the stadium about 6am and there were people in line to get the seat they wanted for the show, and by the time the gates were to open just before 7 the line was long to get in.

The small part I played as the MC started a little rough.  I spoke into the microphone and ….. Nothing….. Then BAM about 2 seconds later the words I had just spoked came back to me in delay and man was that hard to deal with.   Before the next announcement I had my fingers in my ears and hand covering them to so the echo would not freak me out.

I was brought some ear plugs and noise canceling headphones which made it a lot easier to announce the things I did.  All evening long I got to enjoy the show and be a small part of it too.  The music was incredible Mile Marker 6, The Strike (who made reference to being from Provo but to not to hold them to that, which was hard but I didn’t) April Meservy and Party Crashers.

During the Party Crashers set they sand “Hey Jude” with the crowd popping out the cell phones and swaying to the music singing along.  The stadium looked like it was full of fireflies and as darkness falls the crowd anticipates what they came for FIREWORKS!  Fireworks west did not disappoint with a spectacular display.

I had a blast watching some young men playing cards, one young man who couldn’t be away from his video game s had his head buried in his device all night long. There was a time where everyone danced and the camera would catch them and put them on the screen.  One enthusiastic young man was dancing while sporting an Incredibles shirt, then came the Grandma dancing with her kids, me I was shaking my groove thing but only in my mind!  (No one wants to see me shake it)

I am not sure how many people =realized that the Canyon winds kicked up as soon as the show ended.  Like I said when Logan city put in their request for weather, it couldn’t have been much better than what we had.

My personal thanks to Logan city Parks and Recreation for inviting me to be a small part of the show.  When I look back at the year 2018 FREEDOM FIRE will be one of the things I enjoyed the most.

Today on the morning show we talked Veggies, ice cream and fireworks

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