I am close to being a foodie, I will try to eat almost anything put in front of me.  Most of the time I find so much fun to taste new things.  Most of the time.

I was at a party in Louisiana and someone said “Hey, do you want an oyster” I said Ok and then wished I had said nope.    NASTY!

On my Honeymoon Cruise you could have anything and everything on the menu.   I saw they had escargot and I said OK then wished I had said NOPE.

Bacon makes anything taste great.  Not so Bacon breath.   A friend made me Bacon dipped in Chocolate.  Man I was excited!  Two of my favorite things on this earth!   Man that was nasty.

In the song “Down Under” by Men at work, they are talking about a Vegemite Sandwich.  I tried it and let’s just say the one bite did not get digested.

I know that in the past you ate every piece of an animal because meat was so hard to come by.  But I draw the line at as the “IRON CHEF” would say “The innards” then there is “Rocky Mountain Oyster” “Lamb Fries”


I am not a foodie, just someone who loves food.  It all started a family dinner table when I would take Italian salad dressing and mix it in mashed potatoes.  Mom thought it was gross.  But years later, garlic mashed potatoes become the rage.  The 1st time I tried them I said “this taste like you used Italian dressing.

Here are some food combinations that some people love.

I had friends in Mo. that would eat Peanut Butter and tomato sandwiches.   All I could think of was how nasty Vegemite is.

My mother used to cook cornbread then crumble it up and pour on the Buttermilk.

She also ate a meat product we called souse but it is more commonly called Head Cheese.   I didn’t even want to look at it because it looked like someone had been to a buffet and then got really drunk.    IFFEN YOU KNOWS WHAT I MEAN!

Other combinations from Wideopeneating.com

Ice cubes or Orange juice in your breakfast cereal

Drinking Pickle Juice.  I love that myself not much but a little.  (Hint, if you use dehydrated onions.  Rehydrate them in pickle juice.  It is incredible)

Peanut butter on scramble eggs.

Dipping French fry’s in a frosty.   Tried it and didn’t like it.

Food man I love it.

How did this all get started well because of Mayochup?  When I lived in Mo.  I would often get mayo on the side   and mix it with ketchup and my friends would ewwwww.  I even tried to get a fast food place to add it to the menu and advertise the “Fry Sauce” but they were stubborn and went out of business.    THEY NEEDED FRY SAUCE”

Mayomus- I will still call it MAYOTURD!

Did you know that eating dessert 1st could help you lose weight?

Stupid news:  The UFC and fish on a plane

Laff lines: TEXTING