There are times when writing a daily blog can be difficult to do   like to day it took about 20 minutes to come up with a subject matter for my daily blog so I finally come up with one  and that is writing a daily blog is difficult but fun.

Since the pandemic I have really had days where it has been difficult to write because of the serious nature of what we are going through now.

It seems to me the most popular post has been childhood memories and blogs about my mom.  I can’t blame you there.  My mom was the best mom in the whole entire galaxy.

I really can’t get into what I did this past weekend because I AIN’T DID NOTHING.

Well I guess one thing was finish a book yes, a real live book not a comic book but a book! It was a book written by Vince Russo “forgiveness” the book was interesting because it went behind the curtain of Pro Wrestling.  That was not the interesting part.

To me the book showed a man coming to terms with his past and a change in his life’s plan to be closer to his family and to God.


If you want to read a book about Pro Wrestling this is good If you want to see a Journey in life this good.

Vince Russo will be a guest on Turnbuckle Trash in the near future.

Well I guess I did find a subject matter to write about.

Hope you have a great day