Sometimes I forget I am getting older and that I had 3 surgeries in the past 6 months.  Mainly I forget I am getting older and my body doesn’t bounce back like it used to.

Here is why I say this:   I had a great time this Saturday night on a guy’s night out.  My friend Dave and his son Jonathan with me to Salt Lake Saturday night to see Devotion Championship wrestling.  It was so much fun, but with that fun and the time change losing an hour on the clock and not being able to sleep after I got home, then having Sunday morning obligations and I got to say

I am tired today.

But it was worth it I got to see some of my friends that are with Devotion in ring and out of the ring.  I met some of the fans who have listened to the Turnbuckle trash podcast and I got to see pro- wrestling up close and personal from the 2nd row.

Then the exciting news is that I got to meet another star in the business.   Vince Russo who was part of WCW—WWE and TNA wrestling and is now helping Devotion.  Vince, my co-host Zane and I talked for a several minutes after the show and I am proud to say that Vince Russo will soon be on our Turnbuckle Trash pod-cast.

I need to be truthful here, in the past I have said some not so kind things about Vince but I must admit that my opinion of the man has changed a lot over the past few months as I talk with the Devotion wrestlers  seeing how really nice he is.  I needed to remind myself “there are always two sides to every story”  So if Vince reads this I say “ I am sorry and looked forward to our interview and hopefully  a building friendship”


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