It has been fun to watch James Holzhauer’s run on Jeopardy but that run ended last night and now that he is done with Jeopardy his four year old daughter can have a part.

Over the weekend James told a reporter that his daughter was crying because he might lose.  He comforted the little girl by saying that she could have a party when he loses.  His daughter started rooting that her dad would lose!

Utah’s Ken Jennings still has the record for the most overall winning but James does own the record for the best one day haul.  NOT JUST ONE DAY HE HAS THE TOP 10 DAYS!

Just one more Jeopardy The woman who is now The Champ Emma Boettcher wrote her Master’s paper on the show in 2016.

Game shows have always been some of my favorite TV Shows.

My love of one of the game shows had me doing something that I am not proud of, skipping school.   Well more like faking illness so I could stay home to watch “THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES”.  However if I found out the center square wasn’t Paul Lynde I felt great.

One of the few things that I was known for in my school was my impression of Paul Lynde.   It got to where I would answer questions in class like Paul!  My math teacher put a stop to that.

While on vacation in several years ago in L.A. my cousin and I went to a taping of two show of the “WHEEL OF FORTUNE”

It was fun and seeing Vanna White up close was KOOL.   But I found myself looking at the behind the scenes things like the used letter board a large chalk board that an assistant would make sure the contestants could see what letters were used.

Now the embarrassing thing about that show.   No I wasn’t embarrassed being caught at staring at the used letter board assistant.  In my defense I was single and in my mid 20’s and I was on vacation!  No the embarrassing thing came several months later not in L.A. but in Paris Tennessee  on Thanks giving weekend at a family gathering my cousin brought out a videotaped recording of the two shows we went too.  Audience shots confirmed we were there, that wasn’t embarrassing either but what happened next was.   Everybody in the room was solving the puzzles before I was.


Here are more of my favorite game shows

You bet your life – Grouch Marx , I used to stay up past my bedroom to watch Groucho work his magic

The Price is right— Just a fun show no matter who the host is.

Let’s make a deal….  Oh Monty, Monty, Monty.

The Joker’s wild… The Fun of a Vegas slot on TV.

Press your luck.  Stupid whammies.   One of my early trips to Vegas saw me yelling at a slot machine.  NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY.  I think TBS is reviving this show, might have to check this out.

As I was writing this blog I went to the Web to jog my memory of game shows and it listed “THE GONG SHOW’.   I wouldn’t say this was a game show but dang it was fun`! The unknown comic, the judges the contestants and the main reason to watch!

I even have an autographed picture of him.


Today is national Cheese day

Stupid news   The PC police hate dodgeball

Laff Lines