Set for release this summer is a new documentary on legendary singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. Lightfoot, who's now 81, was forced to scrap his recent shows due to the pandemic, in which he was going to be promoting his just-released album, Solo. Best Classic Bands reported the new doc; titled If You Could Read My Mind — after Lightfoot's 1971 Top Five classic — was directed by Martha Kehoe and Joan Tosoni.

If You Could Read My Mind features new interviews with Rush's Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, Steve Earle, Sarah McLachlan, and Alec Baldwin, among others.

We caught up with Gordon Lightfoot, who's self-quarantining in his native Canada, and asked him how it felt to be held in such high esteem by legends like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and the late, great Elvis Presley: “Sometimes, they're being kind. They are. They know that there's, like, a great big totem pole there, y'know? The top and the rest of us and the rest of us have our positions on the totem pole and we're close enough up there that they give us the respect of having nice things to say about us, y'know?