‘GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER” That little saying almost got me kicked out of Ricks College years ago.  I had a disagreement with a professor about the song “Nights in White Satin” He thought the meaning of the song was ….. How should I say this?   He thought it was a song that had a dirty meaning and I disagreed.   We actually got into an argument about it on the phone and eventually I had enough and asked him if liked to go Bowling?  He said yes.  I told him to ‘GET HIS MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER” and hung up the phone.  He made a complaint and I almost got kicked out of school.

Now that I shared that little story about bowling sort of.  Let’s get into some bowling for real.

I started bowling in the 5th grade, I guess my mom thought it was a good way to get me out of the house and not watching Professional Wrestling.  I really enjoyed it and even go an award for beating my coach!

Have you ever know someone who got injured bowling, I did.  No I didn’t fall , I didn’t throw out my back,  I didn’t drop the ball on my foot or my head.  But I did get injured and it hurt!

Some bowling alleys have covered ball returns.   The ones where your ball comes back through a big hole.  Well, in never ending quest to be a joker, I decided that it would be funny to act like a football QB and act like I was behind center waiting for the hike.  Not one of my smartest moves because I put my hands inside the ball return and SQUISH!   My hand got pinned between the ball and the ball return.   Let’s just say I was not quite about my pain.  I screamed and I screamed a lot and you know what a second ball came from behind and hit the first ball which caused even more pain.   The return had to be taken apart my hand was freed and just bruised but nothing broken.

I never bowled a 300 but came pretty close I bowled a 269!  It wasn’t in league play but strangely enough it was the day we buried my Grandmother.   We had had the funeral for my wonderful Grand mama earler in the day and a bunch of cousins went bowling that night to relax after a very sad day.   I picked up a ball at the alley that felt good and I guess my Grandmother helped me to bowl that 269.  Thanks Grand mama.

I haven’t bowled in years, bad knees and back kind of made me shy away from the sport.  I did try to see if I could start again and went with some friends to an alley and tried on some of the great looking shoes.  They wouldn’t fit!  I tried my shoe size 14 and nope and kept going up in size up to 17 but they didn’t fit.  Did I mention I have big WIDE FEET?   I could freak up some people with my footprint thinking they had found proof of BIGFOOT.  Nope just me with BIG FEET!

I saw a report from ESPN that a lot of pro athletes have taken up bowling as alternative to going clubbing!

So when someone tells you to ‘GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER’ you can tell them that Dave almost got kicked out of school because of that!

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