Wednesday night I received a phone call that no one wants but we all get.  A loved one has passed away.

That phone call on Wednesday night was about my nephew Kelly and the grief hit me hard.  So hard that for one of the few times in my life I could not do my job Thursday morning.

I am not exactly sure of the cause of his death, but I am sure it was caused by a genetic disease that is in my family called Fabry’s.  a rare disorder that has taken 4 of my 5 nephews.  The same disorder took my fathers life.  It does skip male generations so do not have it.

I just wanted to share a few thoughts about Kelly, we both filled a great role in each other’s life’s.  I was a father figure and he was more like a son,

When Kelly and my sister Sandra moved back home Kelly was a toddler and he loved coming into my room and listening to my records.  I could pick him up and he would pick the same one every time.  The Best of Crow ad he would ask to hear his as his toddler voice would say his “meee eee frecord”   the song is Evil woman don’t play no games with me.

We both put on some years and I was working in Missouri and during a few summers he would come stay with me.  He was on the front row when I got to introduce Charlie Daniels on stage, a moment we both relived shortly after Daniels death.

I think it was the 1st summer he visited with me at the station when I heard this laughter coming from the next room.  Why?  He was listening to a tape we used on the air and a song he come to love played.  I remember him running to my studio and wanting to know more.  That song was Merle Haggard “Let’s chase each other round the room tonight” That song help a heavy metal lover become a fan of country music.

Now one more memory from 26 years ago.  I had fallen on some hard times and moved in with Kelly and Sandra in Salt Lake City.  I had been working so hard and so many hours in Missouri that I missed out on something that became one of my favorite TV shows “The Simpson’s”  When it was bedtime the Simpson’s came on the Tv as we tried to go to sleep despite the laughter.

Despite living apart for so many years Kelly and I had a special bond. I loved him and he loved me.  We were family and we were friends and yes, we both love Pro Wrestling and he was part of my podcast over the years.

I will grieve.  Something we all must do but I will always remember Samuel Kelly Denton


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