I’M GOING BALD!!!!!  Oh well what I can do.

Last week I walked by a security mirror in a store, you know the kind of mirror that looks down two isles.  As I walked by this mirror I looked up and saw the top of my head.


Pretty thin up there. Male patterned baldness is what the commercials say on TV.  Should I run out and stock up on Rogaine, I know …… COMB OVER!

I really do have a minor cross over because I comb my hair straight back with no part.

Now I make no judgements about how men deal with hair, I do want to draw the line in one exception with a true story.

I was working in a small town in central Louisiana where the boss was bald, Georg Costanza bald but he didn’t care but one of my co-workers was the comb over king.  I am not exaggerating when I say that he had a small grouping of hair that at least 2 feet long.  Every day he would wrap it around his bald head like a turbine then would somehow use moose and hair spray  to glue it on top of his head so he “WOULDN’T LOOK BALD’  Dude it didn’t work.  But the funny thing was he had a lot of female fans and would get fan letters sent him and let’s just say in various stages of undress.

All I ever got in the mail was bills!

Today on the morning show: We in America are being shamed for our use of Toilet Paper.   And late night talk show jades.


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